Explanation of Extraordinary Life in Camo…

Picturing me as some die hard Duck Dynasty fan decked out in camouflage from head to toe?  Please stop doing that…like immediately!  🙂

What I mean by my “Extraordinary Life in Camo” is that from the outside, a housewife life may not look thrilling, jet-setting or glamorous.  But it is!  So its kind of tricking all the non-believers out there who haven’t had time to sip on the Stay at Home Mom Kool-Aid (and no- I do not mean Mimosas).

Sometimes moms (and Dads) who stay home feel like their lives have sort of been placed on some sort of hold or pause until the child-rearing is complete.  I used to feel that way a little.  Why?  Life is now.  Life is our children AND so much more!  It is finding and more importantly BEING the people we are meant to be.  Using the talents that God gave us.  We are all good at certain things.  Celebrate and embrace those things and send them out into the world to do something really great.  God knows our world could really use some good, kind and loving things.

So, in conclusion and in the spirit of clarification, an “Extraordinary Life in Camo” is happening here in my housewife world.  And it may be camouflaged, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t here.    XOXO

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