Hello world!

Hi!  I am Jennifer and I am truly thrilled you’ve stopped by to check in on my EXTRAORDINARY life in Camo!

I am so excited to be venturing into this amazing cyber world to broaden and expand my horizons!  My life from the outside looks typical and (some would say) mundane.  It is anything but…It really is an Extraordinary life in Camo!

I have an AMAZING husband (like for realz, you would be jealous if you knew just how fab he is) and four pretty amazing kiddos who I will forevermore refer to as Studious, Clever, Dapper and Spicy- our adapted and shortened version of Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs…

Studious is in College.  There will be a whole post on that as I think it was much harder on me than on her when she left…

Clever is 5 and happy to be ALIVE!  Lots of imagination going on here.  Watch out!  He’s a live one!

Dapper is our 4 year old Ladies Man in the making…he knows how to work the eyes and the soft voice to get just about whatever he wants.

And Spicy, well she is our 3 year old filled to the brim with Spunk.  Most days she is overflowing with it, actually….

and there is me.  I am here along for the ride.  Or at least, I thought I was.  BUT now I am seeing that I more than the sum of these amazingly fun people.  I was actually kinda fun and cool BEFORE all these peeps arrived.
So I am on a journey to the artist formally known as myself.  The girl who loves to write, create, laugh and have fun.

Buckle up and come along for my ride!


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