“Ah…Push it…Push it Real Good”

IMG_4602I am going to ask all my followers and regular check ins a question (though I have to say with a high degree of certainty, I already know the answer).  Do you ever get in a bad mood?  A funk?  A ‘woe is me’ kind of mentality?  Really?  You do?  Gosh, you all suck!  That NEVER happens to me!

HA HA HA HA!  Just joking!  Of COURSE I do!  We all do.  Some of us more than others (and you know the kind peeps I am talking about…)

Well, I was kind of headed in that direction today.  No particular reason.  Just feeling overwhelmed thinking of my “HoneyDo” list and the appointments I have, etc.  I was driving down a back road getting ready to spearhead the pity party when I saw a man mowing his yard.  He was using a push mower and he was sweatin’.  A Lot!  And thats cool, its a gland thing- whatever.  BUT as I am watching him (NO! I wasn’t checking him out – my hubby is still my forever Rockstar- I was stuck behind a trash truck), I realized that not only was this man pushing his mower in the sun and sweating, he had several bees around him.  SEVERAL.  He was swatting at them and he looked to be in a precarious situation.  I was nervous and I was in my vehicle with the windows up.  I can say with confidence he was getting stung.  He had to be getting stung.  Poor guy… And then I noticed something else about this man.  He was smiling and waving to the men taking his trash, to me, to everyone.  He looked like he was happy and having a fabulous day.

It got me to thinking…If this man can be going through just the things I am seeing, the sun, the sweat, the manual labor, the BEES and he is still smiling?  I better be packing up any pity party decorations and plans I had and start smiling as well!

My mantra today when it gets hectic and wild?


Try it!  It can be your mantra too…I’ll share!  🙂


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