A New Love Letter

I heard such resounding accolades on my post about my love letters to the children! I’d like to thank you all publicly for the support and kind words. They mean a ton!

Last night I was having trouble sleeping and I grabbed my composition book with the intention of jotting down a quick love note to Clever when I had a thought. To best explain this, I need to tell you that Clever is only 5 but he is always talking about the “girl” he is going to marry. He will ask me what I think she looks like, where she lives, what she likes to do, etc.  I am telling you, this boy is an old man stuck in a 5 year old’s body.  A few weeks ago, he brought up this “girl” and said, “I am going to buy my wife a really nice, big and pretty house for her to live in.” My breath was taken away.  He was just being so sweet and chivalrous. Then he looked at me and said, “Yea, I am going to buy her a really great house.  And I’m going to live here with you.”  Priceless, right?

So back to last night… I got to thinking.  This “girl” is most likely alive and out there living her life that is molding her into the person my little boy will grow up to adore.  I realized that there was probably a very good chance that all 4 of my future children (in-laws if we have to get technical) were here on this great Earth already.  And for the first time since starting these journals I thought, “I want to talk to you all too”.  My future kids who will be loving my children throughout their lives. Yes, they are definitely important peeps to our family’s makeup as well.

Last night I began with Clever’s wife.  I won’t divulge all I wrote her. That’s for another time, if ever at all.  What I can share is the deep desire I had that she was living a happy and safe life. That she can run, believe and dream and it is okay.   That her family supports her and sees her. And that they cherish what they see and who she is. I wish these things not only because it will be better for my son but because all little ones should be able to be wild and free. I want those things for her because I know how important she will be to our family and I want her to have had the best life!  Despite the misconception that is out there about in-laws, I wanted to let her know that I was thinking of her, praying for her, wishing for her and loving her YEARS before she would ever be in our lives.

I also wrote to her that I am raising a very sweet, caring, audacious little boy that will be so good to her and cherish her. That it’s her I am thinking of when I am teaching him to open doors as well as to put his clothes in the hamper .  😀.  That I am still working on getting the toilet seat thing down, literally -but I still have time!  I am trying to prepare him to be the best man. He surely is one of the best boys!

After my letter to Clever’s girl was done, I hand-lettered a picture for her.  I hope she loves it and us!


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