Hello friends!

Given our close proximity to Baltimore, I would be remiss if I didn’t post about what is happening in Baltimore, MD.  If any of you have had access to any news outlet in the last 24 hours, you know the city is in a severe state of unrest.  Worse, tonight it is ablaze in many areas of the city – mostly at the hand of the city’s youth.

The protests turned riots were sparked by the death of Freddie Gray who died while in police custody under circumstances not yet explained.  All that has been determined thus far is that Mr. Gray ran from officers and then was apprehended and arrested. He went into the police transport van  belligerent, uncooperative but intact.  He was taken from the van unresponsive and with a severe spinal injury.

The police have vowed to release all information soon. I feel I am in no position here to really issue an opinion as I don’t have all the facts.  I would have hoped the citizens of Baltimore took the same approach, but the city burns…

In watching the news coverage, I looked at my young children. Ages 3,4 and 5.  So innocent and completely free from hate. Not a bone in their body hates anyone. I think if we brought a diverse group of children the same age as mine into my home, from all ethnicities, they would play and have fun. They may ask questions but the differences would not divide but rather open the door to questions and learning. Our children, mine and yours, do not hate. It is learned. It is not in a child’s capabilities to hate their neighbors, to hate those different from them, to hate police officers, to hate period. It is  taught to them. What are you teaching your children?  What are the lessons being taught around your towns? Wouldn’t it be great to get back to the innocence of a 5 year old? No hatred. No violence. No looting. No stealing. No bullying.

We all need to work on teaching our children to love and respect each other. At the same time, teach them to be men and women worthy of the love and respect they are demanding.

It is a two-way street. Always.

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