Hand-Lettered with Love


I started this really fun hand-lettering course that I inadvertently found on Instagram. An artist named Caroline Weingeart posted a hand-lettered quote onto Elizabeth Gilbert’s Instagram page. I checked out her website : http://www.madevibrant.com and decided I would sign up for her online e-course.  It has been so fun- I try to do something each day.   It is a course you can work at your own pace. Totally fun and only $20- well worth it for this creative girl!

So I have shown the first hand-lettered print I made the other day. It is a lyric from my husband and I’s wedding song.  Fitting since we are celebrating our wedding anniversary soon!  I really am a lucky woman.

If you get the chance, you should check out Caroline at http://www.madevibrant.com.

I know I’m enjoying the new creative outlet!

*On a side note- I have given myself the challenge of writing one post per day for 30 days.  I hope you will share what you read if you enjoy it and even more importantly- drop me a comment!*

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