I am sure all who missed me are wondering where I was….the answer is pretty sweet!  My hubby and I headed to Cabo and had a MARVELOUS time!  We met up with my super rad brother and his fabuloso wife and had lots of laughs, jokes and bonding.  A perfect trip.

Which got me to thinking….When motherhood becomes your life and you willingly and joyfully let it consume you- it is so nice to be drawn back to yourself sometimes.  To be reminded that as a person, you stand alone.  That you are enough.  That the children do not make up who you are but rather enhance the person you have grown into as well as the couple you’ve become (if you want to apply it to your marriage as well).

This trip to Mexico was just that kind of trip.  A recharge.  A centering of myself and my husband.  He instantly feels calm and stress free when he hits that amazing Cabo air and even more so when he heads out to fish.

And as I sit here, thinking of our amazingly fun trip with family and huge fun, I am so glad to be here- present in the moment of Mother’s Day with a renewed sense of just how magical that role in my life is!

Happy Mother’s Day to All!

ps- keep in mind I am currently booking our next trip to Cabo as I blog… Some of us need more rebooting than others!  🙂  XOXO

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