Prep Your Skin! Exciting News!

I received exciting news today that I have “officially” been chosen as one of the writers for the writing program being launched by the terrific company I mentioned before, Prep Cosmetics!

The email I just received went a little something like,

“Congratulations,  You are officially part of the PREP writing team!! We are so excited to embark on this fun journey with you and your fellow writers. ”

Okay, truth is, that is exactly how it went since I copied and pasted.  🙂

I am so over the moon for the opportunity and the experience to expand on my writing and grow my reader base.  I feel it is so important to be involved in things you feel passionate about.  I believe in this company’s message.  I believe in their mission and I believe and love the products.  It is a great fit for me and I feel so blessed to be able to work in the capacity of a writer.


Just call me Sparky!!! 

Thanks for following me on this amazing journey.  I TOLD you it would be fun!!!  XOXO

To learn more about Prep Cosmetics, check them out at

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