Father’s Day

We are celebrating fathers today.  All Dads out there who have had an amazing impact on their children’s lives.  I know my hubby worked on all sorts of things around the house today to make our lives better and easier.  He really is always thinking of us.

On today, I think of (and thank God for) my husband.  I believe he really is God’s gift to me.  I think of my brother and brother-in-law who take care of their families and who guide them always.  I think of an old neighbor who has been such a treasure to me in the fact that he and his wife have always treated me as one of their own.  If you will remember, I told you all my father passed away when I was young.  I don’t really remember him.  In so many ways, Glenn was one of my only glimpses at what having a dad may have been like.

I also want to acknowledge and thank those fathers who serve our country and who may not be with their families today due to the fact they are protecting ours.  May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.  May God protect all the servicemen and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Happy Father’s Day!


First Article for Prep? Done!

Hello All!  I have successfully submitted my first article to PREP.  It was an intro article so it was short and sweet.  Sound like anyone you know???  🙂  I submitted it to them and its a go.

I do want to encourage everyone to check out their site.


While it is marketed towards girls, it can be used by everyone in the family.  We have been using it here.  What started as research for the writing component has turned into a genuine love of the products.

I sincerely hope by getting my writing out there, I will grow my follower base both on the blog AND on Instagram.  If you haven’t followed me yet, please do.  There is a ton of exciting giveaways and happenings in the near future!

Thanks for buying a ticket to the ride! (well, its free so you made out there).



Darn Write!

Happy Tuesday!!!

As I’m writing this afternoon, I am filled with an assortment of emotions and thoughts. It has been a busy and hectic week. Funny how life more often than not throws us curveballs to see if we are still in the game and paying attention. I’ve had a Major League / World Series kind of week.

For those of you who do not know, last week I had to have exploratory surgery to get some answers about pain I have been experiencing for some time. Of course this brought out so many fears and worse case scenarios.  My biggest fear, needless to say, was that the doctor would find cancer. I am thrilled to report that he did NOT!  Whew! He DID, however find that the pain I feel is not all in my imagination but is a result of a legit condition and as a result, I will need another surgery.  A hysterectomy to be precise.  Enter a whole new group of feelings and fears.  Make no mistake, my feelings of complete elation over the lack of cancer still trump any and all negative feelings over becoming a HysterSister.  Still, I’ve been quite attached to my uterus. Literally!  This uterus and I have been through every pregnancy together. Some ending in unbelievable joy, others in gut-wrenching heartache.  And now, in a short amount of time- I’ll be riding solo. On the way upside, I will get to be with my amazing hubby and my four fantastic children and I will be PAIN FREE!  That’s a silver lining for sure!

This week I also received my information on my piece of the writing program for PREP Cosmetics! I have mentioned this endeavor before and now the wheels are in motion and I have “deadlines” and things! Score! Loving this! Check out http://www.prepyourskin.com

Other news is the opening of an Etsy store where I will be working on my writings and creative urges! I have aptly named the store Darn Write! I’m still trying to work out the specifics but it is sure to be a fun time!  I will be expanding my writing as time progresses.

A really cute guy has asked me to revamp the marketing materials for his company as some of it is outdated. I’m excited to tackle that job! Thanks, Chachi (aka best & supportive hubby)!

I am also hoping to work with the ever-talented creative soul, Carolyn Kenee, the owner and creator of  Art Full of Heart as she expands her artistic visions! Check out her site at http://www.artfullofheart.com for some inspiration and to make a difference! A whole stationary component is coming and maybe even a trip to the 2016 Stationary Show…just sayin’.  😃

As always, thanks for coming along on the ride! I hope you all are following what your heart knows to be your destiny!