Father’s Day

We are celebrating fathers today.  All Dads out there who have had an amazing impact on their children’s lives.  I know my hubby worked on all sorts of things around the house today to make our lives better and easier.  He really is always thinking of us.

On today, I think of (and thank God for) my husband.  I believe he really is God’s gift to me.  I think of my brother and brother-in-law who take care of their families and who guide them always.  I think of an old neighbor who has been such a treasure to me in the fact that he and his wife have always treated me as one of their own.  If you will remember, I told you all my father passed away when I was young.  I don’t really remember him.  In so many ways, Glenn was one of my only glimpses at what having a dad may have been like.

I also want to acknowledge and thank those fathers who serve our country and who may not be with their families today due to the fact they are protecting ours.  May the Lord Bless you and Keep you.  May God protect all the servicemen and women who work tirelessly to keep us safe.

Happy Father’s Day!


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