School Lunches for my Honey Bunches!

As many of you know, my children are heading to school.  Clever and Dapper are new to this and so I have been devising ways to make their time at school exciting and fun!

If you check out Pinterest, you will find TONS of awesome, non-traditional lunches you can prepare.  Bento boxed are huge in our house and so much fun!

This evening I have come up with something else that is super fun and that I know my boys are going to love!  I came across some napkins that I had stored from parties passed.  I have sports teams we like, characters from shows and movies the children love, etc.

My plan is to have a new napkin in their lunchbox each day.  Something that will bring a smile to their faces and let them know I was thinking about them.

I have already found two websites this evening and have added to my stock of napkins.  Here are just a few I have.  Believe me, there are PLENTY more!

4 3 2 1

I plan on selling the ones I do not use in my Etsy store so other moms and dads can do the same thing and get one of each napkin.  Making these bundles will be very helpful to other parents out there looking to enhance their children’s childhood.   I am not just making lunches, I am making memories!  I currently have enough napkins that we can go 3 months in school without duplicating.  Fun stuff!

So, I am looking forward for my napkins to arrive and for the little nugget of joy they will bring my boys in the middle of their school days!


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