Capsule Wardrobe Is So Much More Than I’d Hoped

Well, I have had Purple Heart come two more times to pick up bags upon bags of clothes, shoes and accessories that I just won’t let weigh me down any longer!  It feels so great and my closet is slowly but surely emptying and I am placing pieces in it that make me look and feel great!

Some articles of clothing I have added are:

Each piece compliments nicely those items I have decided to keep as well as items I have purchased thus far!

What I have learned with this new Minimalist approach is that we hold on to so much STUFF!  And I am saying WE because I am pretty sure I am not alone in this.  I have already told you all what sorts of things I had in my closet.  Things that didn’t fit, things that didn’t compliment my TODAY body and things even the 80’s weren’t calling to get back.

I can’t tell you all how liberating and freeing it feels to get rid of some stuff.  Maybe you don’t have to be as dramatic (who me, dramatic?) and revamp and minimize your entire wardrobe but what not try to lighten your load on a smaller scale, say, your pants?  Or your t-shirts?  Hell, even your socks?  Baby steps will lead to leaps, I promise.   Maybe it isn’t even clothes for you.  Maybe it is just stuff in the attic you are holding onto for who knows what or one too many “junk drawers” in the kitchen.  De-cluttering will have a domino effect.  You just wait and see.  You intend to organize one drawer and it will spiral into more…

That is my hope anyway.  That once I clear my closet of the excess, I can focus on the core- which is me.  When all that time I wasted worrying about what I looked like and if this went with that is free and clear, I will have that time to spend on ME and what sort of self I want to  be.




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