When you come upon talent, you SHARE it!


To say the past few weeks have been a whirlwind is a bit of an understatement.  I had my very first Book Signing at Ukazoo Bookstore in Towson.  It is an adorable, trendy little bookstore that is now carrying No Cheese Please on their shelves!  I am quite excited about that, as you can imagine.

For the signing, I had commissioned a super-talented artist I know and love, John Kurcheski from Kurcheski Designs to help bring Nick to life.  Boy did he ever!  Check out this video John made showing how he helped Nick come ALIVE!  This costume was phenomenal and I am always ever amazed at the workmanship and talent John has.  Want some one-of-a-kind art?  Want something that will blow your mind?  Get in touch with John at Kurcheski Designs on Facebook or follow him on Instagram Kurcheski Designs.


People have been so impressed with this commissioned costume, I simply had to share it with you all!


*Sidebar note*

This Friday will be the first No Cheese Please In The Wild Prize Giveaway!

I will be posting all the pictures here on the blog and on FB and IG.  Anyone can vote for their favorite!  The winner will receive the first prize package!

Keep on sending in those pictures and if you haven’t already, Get to Amazon to buy NO CHEESE PLEASE!!!


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