Show Up

surprise1This past weekend, I met one sister to surprise our OTHER sister.  She was opening  her totally cool and artsy endeavor/partnership with some amazingly talented people.  The place was The Barn at Creekside Farm in VA., a fabulous venue offering over 20 vendors and artists a place to display and highlight their talents.  Totally cool!

We decided to meet in the middle and we didn’t want our sister to know we were coming.  Of course, the surprise factor wasn’t enough for these adventurers.  We decided to get dressed in “Best Sister Ever” tshirts and disguise ourselves with wigs.  Did I mention they were horrible wigs?  Terrible.  Some of the vendors “reported us” to management before they knew we were just wacky sisters…I believe we were called “Suspicious characters”.  The description fit (especially the dark haired one).


So why did we do this?  Why did we go through the trouble to travel 3-4 hours each?  Why did we get costumes and disguises to make it more memorable?  The obvious reason is that our sister is worth it.  She is important to us.  Clearly.

The more complex (and at the same time SO SIMPLE) reason is that we wanted to SHOW UP.  We have this one life and we are all busy.  My gosh, we are all swamped with everyday things.  But we still need to SHOW UP for the people that matter to us.  It doesn’t need to be with fanfare and cheap wigs.  The sentiment would have been just as strong had we just arrived as ourselves.  But it is so important to still go above and beyond for someone.  Showing up.  Even if you don’t say the right things or look the right way.  Being there, physically being there for someone…is part of our job.  It helps people get through this life.

Show up for the people who matter to you.  We need more of this in our fast-paced digital world.  It matters.  It makes a difference.  It is important.

So please SHOW UP to your life.  I believe if we all decide to SHOW UP, the world will be changed for the better.