My Writing

I have been writing what feels like my whole life.  I can’t remember not writing.  My father passed away when I was seven and I even wrote a poem about it then.  I feel writing helped me break down all kinds of emotions I have had my life and it came very naturally to me so I believe I am meant to do it in some form or capacity. Always.

I have done a ton of work as a writer to hone my skill and fuel this fire in me that is a passion for writing.

I have written children’s stories,  poetry, short stories.

I have worked with various companies on their marketing materials, web site verbiage and composing their business letters.

I have written verbiage for posters.

I have an eBay business where I help people write their listings in an attractive and professional manner to help build sales.

I have also helped compose many personal correspondence for things such as deaths, loss of job, new baby, etc.   For times when someone didn’t know how to word things, they came to me for help.

I have written articles and essays to various magazines.

Now, I am starting this blog.  An online journey.  I am really excited about it!

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