Viva Las Vegas!

Another item has been checked off my bucket list thanks to my amazing husband.  I will forever wonder what I did to deserve him.  It like that song in Sound of Music, “Something Good”.  That song sums up my feelings about my Mister pretty well.  Check it out here if you haven’t heard it before.  Which you should have because- Hello?  Sound of Music… but Broadway musts are a blog post for another day…

So off to Vegas we went and it was a first for us both.  I don’t think either of us knew what to expect.  Sure, you see it on movies and in television shows, but what was it REALLY going to be like?  The answer in short?  Just what I was expecting.  A lot of people, a lot of lights.  A lot of reasons to raise eyebrows and a ton of reasons to smile and laugh.  We had a great time!

We gambled, we stayed at the Venetian, we gambled, we went to the Hoover Dam, we gambled, we saw a comedian, we gambled, we hit a jackpot (whatever we didn’t give back to the casino is already in the bank so don’t come a-knockin’)…It was just a fun time.

I thought about the city’s nickname while we were there.  Sin City.  And its funny, right?  There are all these illicit things happening around and I was oblivious to them all.  Nothing sinful about our trip.  Just a hubby and wife checking things off their bucket lists.  Having fun and making memories.  And it occurred to me.  Things, people and places are only as “bad” or “sinful” as we allow them to be.  We choose what we let into our lives and what we shun out.

I am sure there are people out there reading this that have Vegas stories that would knock our socks off.  And of course, the old adage, “What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.” must be the mantra of many or why would it be the city’s slogan.  But WHY?  Why live a life like that?  Why be that type of person?  Why allow those things into our lives?  Our story?  What happened in Vegas are things we can tell our kids in the years to come.   Doesn’t make for a great t-shirt but it does make for a great life!  Its nice living that kind of life.





The Bucket List…


I came across this book today.  In it lies the bucket list of my daughter, Studious.  We had asked her to start this a few years ago as a way for her to set her dreams to the max and as a method to keep track of her successful accomplishments.

She has in it various places to see in the world.  She has in this a variety of tasks that she wishes to complete.  Daring things, clever things, thoughtful and fun things.  Some things on her list have since been checked off.  Others remain.

I wanted this book to serve as a compass for her.  A compass to setting goals and meeting them.  A way to broaden her horizons.  To see her life for the great and glorious blank canvas for which it is and to inspire her to paint vibrant life-experiences onto it.

Tonight, I realize how fortunate I am to have her and this book of future dreams and aspirations.  I am blessed beyond compare that my children have the ability to dream and become whatever it is they wish to become.  So immeasurably blessed that my children can look out into the world and decide what parts of it’s magnificence they wish to join.

Of course, I would be remiss if I didn’t draw to mind all the parents I have known or heard of who don’t have their children any longer.  How finding a book of these unaccomplished dreams would likely paralyze them with grief and sorrow.  How blessed I am indeed.

I have seen the exact moment each of my children have entered this world.  I pray that none of them ever make decisions which will force me to see them exit it.   That would be against nature and unbearable.

Finding this book today was a pot of gold.  It is proof that there are things yet to be done.  Memories and fun still in store.  Love to be had.

Here’s to the bucket lists of this world!