Summer is here…

I cannot believe summer is here.  I can’t believe I have months to spend with my children uninterrupted and open-ended.  Its what I crave all year long while they are in school and involved with sports.  I find myself wishing away the days for time we can relax and jet off whenever we wish.

Then that time comes.  And I sometimes feel like I am the mom who is like, “Wait!  Don’t let school be over so soon.  I am not yet equipped for all this “together” time!”  And like all things, it comes.  The school year will start in a few months and I will grapple with that (despite telling myself my littles are driving me batty all summer long). Its a cycle. Maybe a hamster wheel, I have not decided yet.

To kick off our summer, we headed on a road trip.  First in a while without the husband and I will be honest, I was apprehensive.  That is ironic.  I have moved halfway across the country alone before.  Then moved back alone.  I used to do so much alone and self-efficiently.  I have now sort of become a completely different person.  Not as audacious as I once was.  It didn’t take long into the trip when my old confidence started to emerge and the nervousness fell away.  I was ready to make some memories!

We went to…Pigeon Forge, TN!  My son, Clever, has become enamored with the story and sinking of Titanic.  He has read and watched all he could about the tragedy and I wanted to encourage his interest.  I did some research to see if there was a museum nearby that would allow him to see some of the relics up close.  This is when I stumbled upon the treasure that is The Titanic Museum in Pigeon Forge.  You guys, this place was so cool!  The building is made to look like the Titanic complete with the bow plunging through running water and an iceberg starboard-side.  The museum employees dress in costumes of the day and offer such insight.  As you “board” you receive a White Star Line ticket that gives you the identity of an actual passenger on the ship.  You walk through the self-guided tour and at the end, you learn your fate.  Well, unless you are like me and need to Google it to see. ps- we all survived! Woohoo!

There were so many fascinating things to see and learn about here.  I cannot recommend it enough.  And the cool thing about Pigeon Forge is there are so many other things and attractions so you can really make it a fun family vacation.  I admit to being surprised by this.  I anticipated something different in TN.  Pleasantly surprised.

This museum takes people to Titanic, complete with the Grand Staircase to scale.  Remarkable. There is an iceberg you can feel and you can place your hands in water that is just as frigid and painful as the Atlantic Ocean was that night.

The best part of this trip was my children’s reaction and their increased interest in this piece of history.  It is so thrilling to watch your children being engaged and excited in learning.  So much so that they don’t even recognize they are doing just that!




I figured something out…


Maybe it isn’t anything earth shattering but it is important to our family and I am willing to bet, it may help yours as well.

Our eldest daughter Studious has always loved to read.  I mean ALWAYS.  No surprise there with me as a mom.  We spent hours each day getting lost in books.  It was what I was most proud to have passed on to her.  I still am.  There is nothing like the gift of being able to read and travel to the endless possibilities of the mind. I gave that to her.  Parental win for sure.

Lately I was looking at our final three and while they do love being read to, they did not have the deep desire to read that our eldest did.  I thought maybe times were just changing.  Maybe society was creeping in more than I realized.  I mean, they did just decide to shut down the circus – WHAT?!  Maybe reading was next on the chopping block.

Then I realized, the problem may quite possibly lie with me.  You see, the reason our daughter wanted so desperately to read all the time was because I was.  I was reading all the time and she was doing that thing our children do that we forget most of the time.  She was watching.  Like a hawk.  She wanted to emulate me and the desire grew until she took it and made it her own.  Separate from me.

Now you may ask, “Did you stop reading when Clever, Dapper and Spicy came along?”  The answer, of course, is no.  Not at all.  But HOW I read changed.  I got a Kindle and then I have a Kindle app.  I was reading just as much (okay- maybe a little less since I had 3 instead of just 1 kiddo) but I was reading.  The difference was, I was reading the books on my Kindle App on my phone.  Picture that in your mind.  What do you think my children saw?  Do you think they realized I was reading books or did it just look like I was playing on my phone?  How could they emulate my love of reading when they didn’t see me doing it?

This is not an anti-kindle or other e-book post.  This is merely an observation and a truth I have made and discovered in our home.  Children will model us.  What do we want them to model?  Are we giving them the right things to model?  In my case, I wasn’t.  I was still reading but my children were not seeing it.  Trips to the library were few and far between because I had everything I needed on my app.  BUT THEY DIDN’T SEE THAT!  They saw their mom sitting quietly with her iPhone up to her face.  A lot!  Lets face it, I love to read so you can imagine how often they saw this…

So now, recently?  I have gone to the library over and over and then back again.  I have stacks and stacks of books that I am touching in my hands and actually holding.  You know what else I realized? I had missed the tangible books as well.  The smell, the textures, the actual sight of seeing words on an actual page…It has been a coming home of sorts.  I didn’t even realize I had stepped away.

But the best thing?  I have turned this parental fail into a win.  In the short time since I have altered this behavior, I have noticed a change in the final three.  They are emulating me with stacks of books of their own.  More quiet time is being spent curling up with pages and words and all is right again.

XOXO you fabulous models!


Exit 2


On July 1 at 9:30, my husband and I arrived at the hospital to begin the journey of transformation.  I can say with complete honesty that I was not scared.  I WANTED this.  To my core, I knew this was what I wanted.  I was having a touch of anxiety over the IV placement as that is usually difficult but that went well that day.

We met funny nurses, serious nurses, in the middle nurses.  All were kind and sweet and some were favored over others (as I believe is always the case).  The doctor came in to discuss how I was feeling and to write all over me with his purple Sharpee.  He was an artist and I was his canvas.  My anticipation level was high.

The  last one to come in was the anesthesiologist.  He lacked personality and bedside manner but to lets be honest, I just wanted him to drug me up and keep me out of pain.  I didn’t need to make a best friend over the transaction.  I did tell him that I had trouble with going under.  In more recent surgeries, I had problems with low blood pressure and being woken from anesthesia.  He slightly nodded as people with his personality do.  You wonder if they heard you or if they cared to make a note.  I know from later conversations that he did, in fact, make a note of it in my file. It didn’t help in the end, though.

Fast forward through the surgery.  It was to have lasted 3 hours.  It lasted about 4.  The doc came out to my husband to tell me he was very happy with how successful he was in terms of the lipo, tummy tuck and the muscle repair.  Once I was stable in the recovery room, my husband could go back to see me.  Hour after hour passed.  I was not only having trouble coming out of surgery, I was having the worst time I have ever had coming out of it.  My bp was so low, there was great concern.  I kept receiving more and more fluids which weren’t really helping matters.  Finally after 5 hours, they let my husband come back.  I kept waking momentarily and asking for him.  I knew they were going to send for him when I heard one of the docs say, “Let the husband come back, it can’t make it worse.”  I remember thinking, “Oh shit” but just as I thought it, I slipped back to sleep.

My husband tells me that when he saw me, he cried.  He said I looked seriously ill.  He could also pick up on the concern of all the nurses and docs.  It was a stressful situation for him and for that, I am sorry.  He did tell me that I now looked like Dolly Parton since I had my operation.  With my waist gone, it accentuated other parts of me.  Ha Ha!

When I finally began coming too for the duration, I realized the issue at hand with the staff was my fluid.  They had given me 5 bags of fluids to help with the crashing bp and then were not able to “find” it.  It wasn’t coming out in the catheter. I was swollen everywhere like a Goodyear blimp.  They gave me Lasik to flush my kidneys but that did nothing.

Of course at this time I began telling them I was having a hard time breathing.  I didn’t feel as though I was getting enough Oxygen when I was breathing in.  They checked my Oxygen to find my levels were very low.  They were then concerned that the missing fluid was in my lungs so they ordered an emergency chest x-ray to verify all was okay there.  It was.  Thank God.


I stayed for a couple more hours in the recovery room until they could brief the floor upstairs what was happening.  I was eventually moved upstairs to nurses who despite my being assured they were aware of everything, certainly didn’t act like they knew what was happening.  They were nice women but it was as though I had entered a new world.  Downstairs I was treated with kit gloves and gently.  Upstairs they were pushing me from one side to another, sitting me up, moving me all around roughly.  It was a tough transition.

Later the next am, I was still struggling with low Oxygen levels and trouble breathing.  it was late morning when I felt severe tightness in my chest.  So much so, I called for the nurse and told her something was wrong.  She told me I should get an ekg to make sure I wasn’t in cardiac arrest.  She wheeled in the machine and all looked okay.  I was ready after all this to go home.  But of course, I had to wait until my Oxygen level was okay before I could be released.  This would take all day.  ALL DAY.  Finally in the last moments (after a certain point, you have to stay another night), my level was “fair enough” to go home.  WOOHOO!  I was so glad.

Handsome hubby took me home and the trip was uneventful.  I was sore but so doped up that I don’t remember much.  Truth be told, I was so doped up for the first 4-5 days that I remember only bits and pieces.  I do remember when I came into the house, our plan was for me to head right upstairs from the foyer into our room.  My hubby just wanted to get me settled into our room and then let the children come to see me.  So in we went and according to plan, up the steps we went.  What I had not taken into account was my shortness of breath and struggles with breathing.  By the time I reached the top of the staircase, my chest was burning and I was gasping.  Then I had to continue on into our room.  Oh my gosh.  It took a good half hour to calm my lungs down.

After this, I was pretty much just laying low in our bedroom watching Real Housewives of Jersey (marathon) with my husband and feeling pretty darn sore.

One day I got my first and hopefully only migraine.  I guess it was from all the medication and trauma.  Needless to say, I had my husband cover the windows with blankets and then I was sporting the below (see picture)…I wet wash cloth, an ice pack both on my head while wearing his sunglasses.  Funny story about this picture is that it was taken in the part of our bathroom that has no windows.  The light was off and the door was closed and I STILL wanted sunglasses.  🙂  To which my adorable hubby asked, “I know this isn’t funny now but can I take a picture because I know we are going to think its funny very soon.”.  Of course I said yes.  Even in pain I am always down for a good laugh.  🙂  And look, he was right.  Here we are laughing about it!  Smart guy!


I know I made it sound like Exit 2 was a nightmare.  It definitely had its issues.  And I have to say, the real work rested on my husband and Studious.  They took such good care of me and the Final Three (when grandmothers didn’t have them).  I am blessed.

And though it was a hard road, I have no regrets.  I am so pleased with the outcome.  Exit 2 led me to Exit 3 and I am so happy for it!










Dear Melissa Graves,

One week ago at around the time I am composing this post, the unimaginable happened to your family.  I have been thinking and praying for your family since the news broke that evening that your son had been taken by an alligator at Disney.  I prayed harder than I have in some time.  And as hard as I was praying, I am sure it could not hold a candle to your pleas with God.

Here we are, one week later.  I am angry at God for your son not being found healthy.  This is one of those times that make me question so much.

Many times this week I found myself tearing up for you, a total and complete stranger.  Words truly cannot convey how so sorry I am for you and for your husband.

I wondered a few times this week why this was affecting me so differently than so many other horrific stories brought to us daily by the media and I realized, it hits close because it could have just as easily been me.   We were in Disney just a few short months ago.  I remember the joy I had in telling our children we were going to the most magical place on earth.  I remember being excited myself as a 39 year old woman because I knew- at my age- that it really is a magical place where dreams come true and good always wins.

I have tried to think of ways to help your family.  Some small token to let you know that my family felt your loss.  Across this great country of ours, we have felt for you.   We still do.

I have decided to donate several children’s books (classics and new releases) to our local libraries in Lane’s name and honor.  Inside each book, I will have a label explaining that the donation was made to honor Lane Graves, a little boy taken from his family and encouraging the adults reading these books at bedtime to snuggle a little closer and love a little harder.


I encourage everyone reading this blog to please do the same and comment to me that you are.  I hope this small gesture brings you a smile during this unimaginable time.  To know that your boy is remembered.  He is being thought of and his life is mattered.  That because of your little boy, libraries across the USA (hopefully) will receive numerous donations and that countless parents will read the donation label and will give their little(s) an extra squeeze.  Hug a little harder.  Appreciate a little more what we all take for granted.

Please know that your little boy will be remembered and thought of in Maryland.  And so will you.  I will continue to pray for you and I will forever be sorry this happened to you and your family.


Keeping it Real…

Hey, guys! Sorry I haven’t posted for a while.  I have been busy with book stuff.  As you know, my children’s book, No Cheese Please, is out in the world.  I have been keeping up with it as it has been Out In the Wild as my Instagram feed shows.

And so with all that great and exciting stuff happening, I must also tell you other things that are happening here.  Things I am not proud to admit.  Things I am ashamed to state.  Why do it then?  Why use this platform to share?  I have learned (it to me decades) in my life that it is not healthy to keep negativity and shame locked inside.  The damage it inflicts on the psyche is so devastating, some don’t come back from it.  I want to keep this blog real and let it be a true representation of myself.  The good, the bad, the ugly.

So, first.  I really feel like I identify as a………worrier.  (Did I make some of you nervous there?).  What I mean by worrier is with the impending social engagements I have lined up for No Cheese Please, I find I am so nervous and self-conscious for them to happen.  I have found myself putting off event planning because I get so anxious.  So if you all could say prayers to help me battle this, I would be most appreciative.

And funny, I thought the second “For Real Reveal” was a separate matter and only now as I am typing realized it is so closely related, they are practically conjoined twins.  If you will remember, months ago I shared that I had been struggling with my weight and its toll on me.  I was proud to show you that I had lost a good bit of weight and you all were super supportive.  Thank you.  I am ashamed to tell you I completely fell off the wagon after my hysterectomy and did not get back on when I could/should have.  As a result, I have gained all the weight back.  I believe this contributes to my anxiety over public events.

I struggle because I am a very determined person.   I believe I can accomplish whatever I set my mind to. The problem I have is my focus (that pin point surgeon focus) has only ever been able to be on one thing at a time.  Yes, I can multi-task BUT there is going to be one thing I will go over the top with and the others will get the basic (if anything).  The result of the past few months?  I published a book and I am enjoying it being sold all around.  I have done interviews and have events planned.  You can guess what had my focus and attention, yes?

The other result of this?  I have suffered.  My sweet husband has suffered.  Because believe me, when I am not happy with how I look, it manifests itself in so many random and unrelated things that he has to deal with as part of his “For Better or Worse” gig.  When I am overweight, it affects every aspect of my life.  Photos?  I hate having them taken of myself?  Dressing in the am?  Torture.  Shopping?  There are no words….

I even worry that my appearance will embarrass my children.  Studious is in college so she is well aware that I am not living a healthy life.  Clever, Dapper and Spicy are still young and I still worry about going into their schools.  I worry that I (even now) embarrass them.  I hate that feeling.

So, I am going to work on this and I am sharing it here for a collection of reasons.

  1. I am a writer.  Its what I do.
  2. I hope to encourage even one person (even if its me, it will be worth it)
  3. I want the accountability.  I mean, it will be hard to NOT make these changes after sharing this with you all.

My blog is still going to focus very much on writing and being a mom.  That is where my heart is and you all know that.  So I will not be making this a blog about weight loss/etc.  However, I do vow to share with you once a week a progress update.  You can expect these updates to come Saturdays as that is the day I officially REBEGAN my transformation.

Some of you will ask what it is I will be doing.  I plan on following the Ideal Protein protocol and also using the workouts from Bikini Body Mommy. The BBM currently has 4  90 day challenges.  I have started Bikini Body Mommy Challenge 1.0.  They are free workouts- check them out.

I do have before pictures I took on Sunday as well as my initial weigh in.  At this time, I am not going to reveal those.  I would like to revisit sharing at a later date.

In closing, I wanted to thank you for reading this novella.  And I hope you can help support me and each other in this.

As I have said before, “I want my outside to reflect the person I am on the inside”.



Helpful Hint for Holiday Food Prep

blogpic.JPGHey there.  As you know from my earlier post, I am changing my eating habits in an effort to get healthy and hot.  🙂  But it is hard, right?  Especially during these upcoming holidays.

We have tomorrow- Thanksgiving- which is the day where it is socially acceptable to gorge ourselves with any and all food products (and even some questionable “food” products) and it is totally cool.

I know we personally have a huge Christmas party the following weekend and then of course, Christmas day.  I am nervous thinking about it.

Tomorrow we are lucky enough to go to family’s for dinner.  I volunteered to bring an appetizer, a dessert, sweet potatoes and rolls.  To help myself with one little thing, I decided that I was going to add Pecans to the sweet potatoes.  I realize to many of you, this is normal.  I, however, do not like pecans and would typically not make the casserole with them so I could gorge on them (see above).  However, by making the small decision to add something I don’t particularly like, I have taken sweet potatoes off the menu for myself- no cheating happening there.  Its a small victory, but I will take it where I can get it.

Now to be clear, I am not telling you to ‘jack with the food’ so that it doesn’t taste delicious to family and guests.  I am merely saying- perhaps bring popular items that you aren’t a fan of and serve them.

For example this weekend we are having a small Christmas Tree decorating party day- I bought 2 flavor pies that I don’t care for.  They will still be decadent to my guests, but it takes the temptation away from me.

It helps me and if it helps you, well than, that’s awesome!

Happy Thanksgiving!


Enter Stage Left…Marlin!!! Our Elf on The Shelf!

Holiday greetings, blog world!  For you early holiday decoration haters, I am sorry!  I had to do it this year!  Christmas celebrations are in full swing over here and we are having a lot of stress and fun all mixed together!

Every year we have a Christmas party at the BEGINNING of December.  So, this means we have to have all our decorations, both inside and out, completed.  Talk about motivation!  We have really gotten in gear with the help of good family bonding with friends that may as well be blood relation!  We are slowly but surely getting everything ready.  Deep breaths….

Now, back to important discussions and the reason for my posting today (when I should be working on decorating).  Marlin has officially returned!!!  Whoop Whoop!  I will tell you how this came about because as you know, Marlin typically arrives Thanksgiving Day.  This year, he came over a week early!

While unpacking some Christmas boxes, Clever, Dapper, Spicy and I came upon their ELF ON THE SHELF pajamas that Marlin left for them last year.  I  was telling the kiddos how I had to wash the pj’s before they could be worn when Clever asked, “Do you think if we wore them tonight, Marlin would come early? Do you think Santa would let him?”  Well, Gosh!  I thought we better give it a shot and LOW AND BEHOLD- Bam!  It happened!

marlin10He came with the sign up above saying, “I’m back!  Go to bed!” love, Marlin.  They weren’t thrilled about being told to go to bed but…they went to their rooms to find

marlin4marlin2 marlin3

CHRISTMAS Bedding!  I don’t know how Marlin did it!  I guess traditional Christmas Magic!

Thursday night, Marlin left the children a special treat for breakfast!


Special Christmas cereal is always a fabulous way to begin a day!

Friday night Marlin remembered the “Reason for the Season”, Jesus.  Which I thought was nice because we all can certainly get wrapped up in the commercialization of Christmas.  Don’t get me wrong, I think Jesus would have no issue with Santa and his elves on shelves.  A special spirit that brings joy and generosity to the hearts of children?  I think Jesus would say that is right up his alley!

marlin8And last night, Marlin replaced a photo frame with a selfie he had taken a while back.  I think it was a shout out to our Glenn and Marlin’s way of letting us know he thinks Glenn really special, too!


I will keep you all apprised of Marlin’s adventures and shenanigans for 2015.  I have to admit that I am hoping he will not find our home too boring this year!  Last year, we were traveling and Marlin got to go on some pretty amazing adventures (which I will be showing here as well).


marlin11Marlin playing a guitar in a shop in Jamaica!  Ho! Ho! Ho, Mon!

ps- Just a suggestion to all my friends out there who also have an elf visit you:  we have been photographing Marlin every morning that he arrives.  Then I put together a coffee table book that helps us remember all the fun times we had that year.  The kiddos LOVE looking back through it and I bet it probably helps keep Marlin on track and original so he doesn’t do the same things year after year!   🙂

Let us know what you all have planned for your elf!  Who knows, maybe we can feature some of your photography here!



Not my best day…

Good Morning!  Hope you are all having a spectacular day today.  I know I am planning on doing so.

Had a great night last night at a friend’s house where I got to meet new friends and have fun “grown up” talk.  It was a BLAST!  I recommend it if you haven’t had it in a while….

I wanted to write about something that happened on Wednesday.  Do any of you ever have days where you feel that one thing after another happens (the frustrating kind of things, not the fabulous things) and they just keep snowballing?  No?  Just me?  Okay.  Then I will tell you about MY Wednesday.

I woke up early and was super excited that I was going to get to..drumroll please…shower!  Don’t get me wrong, I shower every day, it is just not usually first thing because the kiddos are up and I am getting them ready.  So yea, I showered, I was like, “Oh yea, I am showering, this is awesome…” in a sing-songy voice.   I get out of the shower and I blow dry my hair.  And I keep drying and drying.  No matter how long I was blowing, my hair looked a little wet.  Greasy?  Ugh- now the kids are up and I can’t deal with that just yet.  So I throw on a baseball hat (my staple for bad hair days) and off to school they go.  I ran errands.  I did what I needed to do.  When I came home, I revisited my hair.  I even tried hair drying again.  LOL- like what good would that do?  It was still greasy as all get out.  Then I started thinking about it….my glorious shower, I was retracing the steps. Then it dawned on me, I didn’t wash my hair.  OMG, I didn’t wash my hair!  I cleaned everything and even conditioned my hair but I totally didn’t wash it!  I had missed the moment.  I was able to take an early shower, something at this stage of the game is a HUGE highlight for me and I blew it.  Ugh.  So, good news is, this problem has since been rectified and I moved on.

I moved on to Wednesday night when we were getting ready to go to bed.  I noticed my husband was holding a bottle of water.  This was strange because he ALWAYS brings a glass of milk up with him and isn’t a particular fan of water.  So I said, “Hey, Chach, why are you drinking water?”.  He told me we didn’t have milk.  WHAT?  That is not possible.  We had just gotten 6 gallons on Monday. We had only used 2 so I KNOW we had milk.  I checked the fridge and then I went out to the garage and checked the fridge out there.  He came with me and kind of smiled like I had forgotten milk and was going through a theatrical performance so he wouldn’t be upset that we were out of a staple food item.  Then I remembered, our son, Clever, had helped me with the groceries.  And I remember his very cute 6 year old voice (that he tries to make sound 40) saying, “I’ll get the milk, Mom.  Don’t worry, I got it.”  And he went out to the garage and took about 2 trips.  Question is, where did he put it.  I thought, “Oh no!  Did he put them in the freezers we have in the garage?”.   Nope.   We were looking all over the garage and found nothing.  Then my hubby’s eyes and mine fell in the same direction at the same time.  We walked over to our pantry closet in the garage and slowly opened the doors to find:


Cute, right?  My little helper, Clever.  Perhaps I should have spent a little more time giving him his “Blog Name”!  Ha ha!  I am teasing, of course, he is clever and was sweet to want to help me.  We had to get rid of these as some days had gotten quite warm in our neck of the woods.  Moral of this story was don’t cry over improperly stored milk.  Sometimes it is just great to have a little helper who loves you so much they want to do things for us!  We are all blessed.

***Thinking and praying for everyone in France and for our whole world.  I pray we quickly find the fortitude we need to put an end to such hate.  The God I know doesn’t condone these things and shame on everyone who uses his name (their version of it) to do Satan’s bidding. Remember our blessings and remember that UNITED WE STAND, Divided?  Well, look around and see where that is getting us.***

“We are the Champions, my friends…” ~Queen


This is the song that played in my head when I found…wait for it…the Damn Hermit Crab!  Woohoo!  We sure missed Mr. Crab and he was safe and sound in a bowl that was actually under the table that had his condo on it.  His condo is about 5 inches off the floor so it was not a far fall.  He was very happy to see us and is thrilled to be back in his habitat.  I was thrilled that my children weren’t involved.  Though to be honest, the hubby doesn’t buy it.  He still thinks Dapper may have had a hand in mishap.  I will keep my mom blinders on indefinitely.  🙂

Speaking of Dapper, he has reached a huge milestone today- the big 05!   I guess that makes him Under the Hill!  He had a great day.  At school he was the center of attention for his special day and tonight he opened lots of good loot.

As he told me before he went to bed, “Being 5 is the BEST!”

I just kissed his head and thought to myself, “No, babydoll.  Getting to be your mom is the best! ”  Happy Birthday, Dapper!!!  May you have a lifetime of amazing adventures and enduring love!


Successfully Finding Myself but Where is the Damn Hermit Crab???

IMG_0226Since writing my last post, I have news.  I will get to the good in a moment but FIRST- Where is the damn hermit crab?  I began a journey to get back to myself.  I was excited and feeling in the groove.  Then my daily chores started calling me back.  One being to feed Mr. Crab (kids are not getting any originality awards with this, I am aware).  Low and behold, he has gone on his own journey of self-discovery!  The lid to his condo was slightly off and he was no where to be seen.  Our living room is a closed room.  There is a step to get into it so there is NO WAY Mr. Crab could have left…voluntarily…

I armed myself and my children, Clever, Dapper and Spicy with flashlights and told them we were going on a “Creature Rescue”.  I promised grandiose items to the successful searcher.  No crab.

My husband is convinced that Dapper is responsible.  That perhaps Mr. Crab took an unplanned, unauthorized field trip to Hermit Crab hell (ie, the play room).  Dapper assured me he did not such thing and I believe him.

So friends, I embark on a new search today.  Please wish me well that I find a healthy Mr. Crab.  Preferably in the living room so as that my child is not a lying kleptomaniac.

My last search for self proved beneficial.  Many of you shared my blog on Facebook (thank you!).  I got several new followers.  Success.  🙂  Baby steps….

Now, off to find this crab!