You’re kidding that its almost March, right?

My word for 2018 is Wonder.  My word I pick is always intentional and thoughtful.  I try my best to map out the year I want to have, the year I envision and then I set out to pick the word that will best help me stay my course.

2018- Wonder.


(art done by in house artist, Spicy)

I want to see the world through a different lens, perhaps a psychedelic one.  I want to see the good in all.   I want to feel that glimmer of extraordinary in everything.  I want to make intentional choices for myself that bring me wondrous things.  I want to inspire others to seek their own wonders.  That was my plan.  It most certainly still is.

But somehow, it is nearly March.  How is that possible?  Is anyone else shocked by this?

I feel in times such as these, when we have fabulous notions and ideas but we let time slip by (or rather it squeaks by on its own), the best plan of action is a PLAN OF ACTION!  A purposeful intention that is also a regimented intention.

I vow to check in here each week, we’ll say Wednesdays- I call them:

Wonder Wednesdays!

  When I write this little blog of mine, in my little space on the internet- I will report to you the wonder I have seen, felt, tasted and discovered.  I challenge you all to go find wonderful things as well.



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Hey followers!  Surprise!  To some of you, this book is HUGE news!  I know not all of you follow me on FB and Instagram.  If that is the case, then hang onto your hat ’cause we have exciting news here at The Memoirs of a Housewife!

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As I get ready to launch my first book, No Cheese Please, a story of an adorable mouse who doesn’t like cheese, I realize I need to add some help to my PR Team! I am looking for teachers (current and past), librarians, moms, bloggers and book lovers high and low to fill these positions!
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Looking forward to this!!!


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Thanks for coming along on this AMAZING journey!  I sure appreciate it!  XOXO