Capsule Wardrobe Update

Well.  I am on my way to making this capsule wardrobe a success.  I currently have 6 full bags ready to go to the Purple Heart and I have a few items on eBay (more to list today) and I have not even finished going through all my clothes yet.

Some things I have kept:

Pair of “dress” jeans-dark

Long Sleeve white Tshirt

Black zip up vest

Black trousers

Khaki trousers

Denim jacket

Baby blue button down blouse

White button down with tiny black polka dots

Black leggings

1 pair of funky Lula Roe leggings (gotta have some crazy color sometimes, right?)

Some things I have recently bought:

41Q+G1RgcIL._SY90_ This classic white button down blouse

4160CGttzSL._SY90_  These comfortable nude pumps

51GT7QwMGxL._SY90_ These adorable leopard print booties

41KTNl4AzPL._SX90_ These AMAZING pumps for a pop of color

31b8E9jCPdL._SX90_ This timeless black pump


I will show you more things as I get them in!  This has been a liberating experience and today I had such a great time dressing.  It was easy, thoughtless while being totally thoughtful and I feel great about how I look!

Onward we go!