Call To Action! Join through 01/31!


Hey followers!  Surprise!  To some of you, this book is HUGE news!  I know not all of you follow me on FB and Instagram.  If that is the case, then hang onto your hat ’cause we have exciting news here at The Memoirs of a Housewife!

I have written a children’s book and I am looking to expand my Book Launch PR Team!  Are you able to help?  I am looking for talents and treasures from all over the spectrum.  I need you!  Below is my Instagram shout out for help which I am extending here as well.  I want my community of followers to have the opportunity to share in this with me!

As I get ready to launch my first book, No Cheese Please, a story of an adorable mouse who doesn’t like cheese, I realize I need to add some help to my PR Team! I am looking for teachers (current and past), librarians, moms, bloggers and book lovers high and low to fill these positions!
Those selected will receive:
*first-hand views of the book; pre-launch!
*special invites to all the physical book launch parties
*A FREE signed copy of the book
AND a copy of the book for your local library or school!
What do I need from these valuable members?

*Reviews of the book on:
Amazon, Good Reads, and your social media accounts
*at least One post a week on Social Media helping generate the buzz of the book’s release
*tagging people you think will be interested in quality children’s literature!

Please email me at DarnWritePublications(at)gmail(dot)com if you’re interested AND tag people who you think may be as well! Please be sure to have at LEAST one social Media account that you are active on and send a link to me at the above email!
Looking forward to this!!!


I will be having a special promotion in the INSANELY near future.  You are going to want to be a part of this!
Thanks for coming along on this AMAZING journey!  I sure appreciate it!  XOXO

So, this happened yesterday…

Driving through our lovely town in Maryland, I came across this:


An adorable Little Free Library.  This made my heart so happy.  Overjoyed, really!  I have heard about them but this was the first I ever saw in person.

It made me wish there was one in every neighborhood.  A ‘Take One, Leave One” free library where we could all benefit from the joy of a new book.  New to us at least.  Anyone who knows me and even those followers on here who do not “personally” know me can attest to the fact that I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE books for all ages, on all topics.  I believe so deeply that reading for enjoyment is equally as important as reading for knowledge.  I believe this in my core.

Back to this Little Free Library, I showed the hubs this photo and said, “I want one in our yard”- naturally.  But as he very wisely pointed out, we live on a road which gets basically zero traffic and therefore, our library may be a little lame.

It is cute though, right?  This glorious little box that is the epitome of sharing, knowledge and neighborhood kindness all in once adorable Little Free Library.

Build one.  Share it with me.  I may even have a donation to add to it in a few months (HINT TO THE BIG NEWS REFERENCED THE OTHER DAY).