Its a Blizzard Baby- Watch out for those Blizzard Babies!


I had to laugh this am.  As the nation knows, the East Coast is getting ready to be hit by the Blizzard of 2016.  It promises to be an epic storm of severe proportions.  The media can speak of nothing else and bread, milk and eggs are getting scarce.  We live in MD so we are right in the “ZONE” this time for massive snowfall.

Yes, there are warnings abound about exposure to the elements, power outage possibilities and making sure your home is well stocked with the essentials (food, meds, toilet paper, etc.)  I have YET to hear anyone mention to be cautious of…The Blizzard Baby!

You know what I mean?  You and your sweetie are all snowed-in.  No where to go, no where to be.  Cabin Fever rushes in and then you realize you can only watch so much TV and play so many card games.  Am I right?  🙂

I speak from experience.  We have a Blizzard Baby.  The Blizzard of Feb 2010 brought Dapper to us in Nov of 2010.  We threw caution to those Blizzard Winds and in came the stork just 9 months later!

As you know from an earlier post, there will be no more Blizzard babies for us…But lots are soon-to-be in the making!  Mother Nature at her finest!

Enjoy and be warm and if need be- be safe and protect yourself from more than the elements if necessary!  XOXO